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Business Shirts

Business shirt dry cleaning shirts drycleaner

There's nothing worse than opening your wardrobe on a Monday morning, only to find there is no perfectly pressed shirt to wear to that very important meeting. We can help you avoid this ever happening again. Simply drop in your business shirts and we'll carefully clean them and then our specialised Italian shirt machine will make all those creases disappear.


Corporate drycleaning shirts suitsSuits, Jackets and Trousers

We appreciate that a great suit will only stay a great suit if its carefully looked after. No matter what the fabric, we will gently dryclean and press your suit, jacket or trousers so they are as good as new.

staff uniforms corporate laundryStaff uniforms

Whether you have a large housekeeping team or just a few guys and girls running your factory, we can make sure they have perfect uniforms every time they come to work. Some items will just need a wash, dry and iron which we can easily do for you, but for those trickier 'Dryclean only' garments we can get them beautifully clean and pressed in no time at all.